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SvaraSangam Summer Camp 2022 will be totally in person and will be conducted in 2 parts:

July 11 to July 22 and Aug 15 through Aug 26.

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SvaraSangam Sangeet Chaturthi 2022: After more than 2 years, we are going to have the school-wide musical meet for the whole day on Sat, June 25th at Bharat Sevashram Sangh auditorium. The organizers are actively working with the temple staff to ensure efficient Wi-Fi so even the remote students and their families will get to participate via Zoom and enjoy everyone’s singing and harmonium vaadan. This time we have a bunch of youngsters who will provide Tabla saath. School parents who have not sent their RSVPs, please contact the main coordinator Pallavi Kadlaskar.  Please spread the word to outside music lovers who can attend the program for $10.


BMM convention Aug. 11 to 14: Our musical program at this highly visible event will be a stunner for music lovers from across the USA, Canada, and India. Hope to see many of you there. For info and tickets go to www.bmm2022.org.

Welcome to Svara Sangam, a school of North Indian classical music, a.k.a. Hindustani classical music, founded by Shri. Hemant Kulkarni. The school has been involved in promoting this music in the U.S. by providing instructions in vocal music and harmonium to a variety of age groups in the New Jersey / New York area. It is very gratifying to see excellent progress shown by the students most of whom were born and raised in the U.S. Some of them have performed at public events and on Community TV and Radio channels.

We offer group lessons in vocal and instrumental music. Online Classes may be available for remote locations. We also offer public concerts for interested audiences.

Svara Sangam School has received the affiliation and Examination Center status from the well-known Indian Music Institution, Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalay (ABGMV) Mandal. Qualified candidates can take Certificate exams up to Madhyama II at the school facility. Several students have passed these Exams with distinction so far.

About the teacher - Shri. Hemant Kulkarni

Shri. Hemant Kulkarni is trained in the Gwalior and Agra Gharana gayaki. He has been teaching vocal music and harmonium in the NJ area. He has been frequently invited to sing at the Marathi Vishwa Soor Bahar event in NJ. He and his students have a variety of classical and semi-classical music programs in the U.S. His students have won several awards at contests featuring Hindustani Classical and Semi-classical vocal & instrumental music in NJ, Baltimore, Atlanta etc.

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Upcoming Events

SvaraYogita 2021

Svara Yogita is an online Hindustani Classical / Semiclassical music competition organized by Svara Sangam. The competition is open for participation by residents of North America and Canada interested in Hindustani Classical music – vocal and instrumental.

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I have had the pleasure of frequently providing Tabla saath to Hemant and his students for over a decade. Accompanying them is particularly joyful for me because of their extraordinary technical & artistic abilities, the diversity of taals they perform in, and the meticulous attention they pay to Laya and Taal. I wish him great luck.
Dr. Pratik Devasthale, NJ, USA
It was my pleasure listening to all your students. They all were thoroughly prepared. This is the first time in last so many years in North America that I could ask all the questions. Otherwise there are always so many reasons by the teachers supporting their student's unprepared presentations. I enjoyed the exams. I would definitely like to come again in future.
Mrs. Rupali Vatve, Toronto, Canada
This is to express my sincere appreciation of your efforts to train youngsters in the art of Hindustani Classical Music and thereby promote it in U.S.A. As far as my knowledge goes, none other in New Jersey has been able to achieve this to the extend you have done it. Kudos to you indeed. Though I have dedicated myself to this art right from the age of 15.
Mr. Sujan Rane, Cranbury, New Jersey, USA